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Hello dear friends, in this article you are gonna know about the latest released movie Runway 34. Today we are gonna talk about the movie’s cast, producers and many more things.

So, are you wondering about the weather this  weekend? Is it worth it to watch runway 34 this weekend. Read this full article to know about this movie. We are not gonna give you any type of spoilers.

Runway 34

Runway 34 Cast

As you know a good cast was always important to every movie. It’s impossible to make good movies without a good cast. Here below is the cast of Runway 34.

Sr noCastWorking As
1Amitabh BacchanNarayan Vedanta
2Ajay DevganCaptain Vikrant Khanna
3Rakul Preet SinghTanya Albuquerque
4Abhinay Raj SinghAbhinay
5Boman Irani
6Sharik KhanNews Reporter
7Akanksha SinghVikrant Khanna’s Wife
8Angira DharRadhika Roy
9CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar)
10Amy AelaAngelina
11Hani YadavAbhishake Anand
12Aamil Keeyan KhanVikram
14Raghav BinaniRakesh (News Reporter)
15Flora JacobAlma

Runway 34 Producer

Every film has their expenses to make that film producer is that entity that makes it possible. Without any producers no one can make a single shot of film. It is very important to have a producer in every film.

This Movie was mainly produced by one of the main cast of the film Ajay Devgan.

Runway 34 Review

What’s Good

Shots were shot that well when the turbulence comes it feels like it feels that we are sitting in the same plane also at the landing scene the shots also did a very good job. 

It is one of the bollywood’s best technically brilliant films made.

As we know Ajay Devgan was a good producer in the past. This film also comes in their good production skills and also acting skills. Ajay made this film so precisely that it feels like we are experiencing that movement of the movie.

Everything has been done so preciously.

What’s Bad

Some of the scenes look so imaginary that it doesn’t feel like it has happened. They should remove scenes that don’t make any sense. Dharmendra Sharma’s editing was also not as impactful as we think. Also, we all know this film has carryminati’s first cameo also turns out nothing.

My verdict

In my opinion runway 34 was a brilliantly made well shot film. With very good dialogues and actors. Film has a very good storyline except some scenes they contain that seem imaginary. Every actor’s acting was on point. I will give this film 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Runway 34 Release date

Few days ago, Runway 34 was released in nearby cinema halls. Runway 34 was released in India on 29 april 2022. You can go and watch this film now.

Runway 34 Movie Download

You cannot download pirated Runway 34 or any pirated movie online. It’s illegal in India and also an offense. Watching pirated movies is also not good for you.

Runway 34 watch online

It’s not officially confirmed in which streaming platform it’s going to launch and also not confirmed on which date it will release on streaming platforms. I expect that it will be released on streaming platforms like (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus Hotstar) on May or June.

Runway 34 Trailer

Box Office collection

This film was made on a budget of 75 crore approximately. On day one they were able to make 6.80 crore approximately. Day one overseer collection was 1.30 crore approximately. Day one worldwide collection was 8.10 crore approximately.

Soundtracks in movie | songs in movie

The Fall Song

Mitra re song


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